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2023 International Conference on Innovation and Intelligence for Informatics, Computing, and Technologies (3ICT) Program

Final Program- with Presenter's Biodata (PDF)
Time 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - A 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - B 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - C 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - D

Monday, November 20

09:00-09:05 OC-1: Opening Ceremony        
09:05-09:10 OC-2: Quran Recitation        
09:10-09:20 OC-3: Talk by H. E. President of the University of Bahrain        
09:20-09:30 OC-4: Presentation for accepted paper statics by Dean of IT College        
09:30-10:15 KS-1: Keynote-1: Knowledge Management democratization with AI-driven metaverstic gamified technologies for social and sustainable innovation and intrapreneurship        
10:15-10:30 B-1: Break 1        
10:30-12:10   S1-A: Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics S1-B: Smart Cities S1-C: Informatics-1 S1-D: Artificial Intelligence-1
12:10-13:00 LB:: Lunch Break Day-1        
13:00-14:40   S2-A: Telecommunication and Networking S2-B: Information Technology S2-C: Informatics -2 S2-D: Deep Learning-1

Tuesday, November 21

10:15-10:30 Opening - Day2        
10:30-12:10   S3-A: Internet of Things S3-B: Deep Learning-2 S3-C: Robotics, Computer Vision, and HCI  
12:10-13:00 LB: Lunch Break Day-2        
13:00-13:30 KS-2: Keynote Speaker-2: Artificial Intelligence in Education: Study and Implementation        
13:30-15:10   S4-A: Blockchain & Cyber Security-3 S4-B: Deep Learning-3 S4-C: E-learning: challenges, transformation, and IT Solutions  
15:12-15:30 CS: Closing Session        

Monday, November 20

Monday, November 20 9:00 - 9:05 (Asia/Bahrain)

OC-1: Opening Ceremony

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Monday, November 20 9:05 - 9:10 (Asia/Bahrain)

OC-2: Quran Recitation

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Monday, November 20 9:10 - 9:20 (Asia/Bahrain)

OC-3: Talk by H. E. President of the University of Bahrain

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Monday, November 20 9:20 - 9:30 (Asia/Bahrain)

OC-4: Presentation for accepted paper statics by Dean of IT College

Dr. Hessa Al-Junaid
Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Monday, November 20 9:30 - 10:15 (Asia/Bahrain)

KS-1: Keynote-1: Knowledge Management democratization with AI-driven metaverstic gamified technologies for social and sustainable innovation and intrapreneurship

Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos
Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Monday, November 20 10:15 - 10:30 (Asia/Bahrain)

B-1: Break 1

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Monday, November 20 10:30 - 12:10 (Asia/Bahrain)

S1-A: Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - A
Chairs: Ali H Zolait, Ahmed M. Zeki
10:30 Utilising Convolutional Neural Networks for Pavement Distress Classification and Detection
Saeed Sharif, Damilola Ibukun Emiola, Abin Zorto and Alex Apeagyei
10:50 Web-based Sentiment Analysis System Using SVM and TF-IDF with Statistical Feature
Muhammad Qois Huzyan Octava, Farhan Mufti Hilmy, Rachma Aurya Nurhaliza, Divi Galih Putri, Umar Farooq and Ganjar Alfian
11:10 BERT Based Models for Sentiment Classification for Generating Insights from Olympics
Mohammad Abdul Basit, Salman Ghufran Shaikh, Bashir Alam and Zubaida Fatima
11:30 Utilizing LSTM-RNN Algorithm in a Multi-Factor Model for Forecasting Investment Portfolio Returns
Bui Thanh Khoa and Tran Trong Huynh
11:50 X-Linked Dystonia Parkinsonism Classification using Supervised Machine Learning
Vincent Peter C Magboo, Ma Sheila A Magboo and Paul Matthew D Pasco

S1-B: Smart Cities

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - B
Chairs: Abdul Fattah Salman, Ehab Juma Adwan
10:30 Artificial Intelligence in Concrete Mix Design: Advances, Applications and Challanges
Salim Barbhuiya and Saeed Sharif
10:50 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Road Traffic Forecasting: A Review of Current Research
Sami Khairi, Saeed Sharif, Alex Apeagyei and Ali Abbas
11:10 Predicting Shear Capacity of RC Beams Strengthened with NSM FRP Using Neural Networks
Ozan Guler, Husham Ahmed, Ali Abbas and Saeed Sharif
11:30 Factors Influencing Purchase Intentions in Smart City Social Commerce
Wei Li, Tosporn Arreeras and Sirin Prommakhot
11:50 Renewable Energy Competitiveness Models and Competitiveness Criterion
Bayrammyrat Myradov

S1-C: Informatics-1

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - C
Chairs: Esra Wali, Orlando Catuiran
10:30 DEExtract: A Customizable Context-Based German Vocabulary Learning Tool
Faizan E Mustafa
10:50 Continuous Monitoring of Data in Online Randomized Experiments
Yana Bondarenko
11:10 Technology, transforming the economic growth of Tourism Sector in India: A Social Media Perspective
Chandra Prakash Gupta, Anil Khurana and Ravi Kumar V v
11:30 Web-based E-Commerce Customer Segmentation System Using RFM and K-Means Model
Farhan Mufti Hilmy, Muhammad Qois Huzyan Octava, Rachma Aurya Nurhaliza and Ganjar Alfian
11:50 Using Machine Learning Predicting Satisfaction of Students towards Hybrid Learning
Chaman Verma, Zoltan Illes and Deepak Kumar

S1-D: Artificial Intelligence-1

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - D
Chair: Hadeel Alobaidy
10:30 ANN Based Load Forecasting Model for Short Term Planning: A Case Study of Ota Community in Nigeria
Ojo Kayode Ebenezer, Ayokunle Awelewa, Ayobami Olajube, Isaac Adekunle Samuel, Akinola Olubunmi and Henry Abimbola A Davies
10:50 A Personalized Restaurant Recommendation Based on Topic Modeling of Online Reviews
Ahyun Lee, Muhammad Syafrudin, Yeong Hyeon Gu, Sujin Park, Minjeong Kim and Yerin Lee
11:10 Forecasting Flood in Bangladesh Using Different Time Series Models: A Comparative Analysis
Nur-A-Marzan Dipro, Zafrin Sultana, Mahfuza Sharmili Jui, Bakhtiar Atiq Faisal, Md Sakib Hossain Shovon, Jungpil Shin and M. Firoz Mridha
11:30 Data Transformation in Machine Learning: Empirical Analysis
Firuz Kamalov, Sherif Moussa and Jorge Avante Reyes
11:50 Day-ahead electricity price forecasting using artificial intelligence-based algorithms
Emre Yorat, Kasım Zor, Necdet Sinan Özbek and Lütfü Sarıbulut

Monday, November 20 12:10 - 13:00 (Asia/Bahrain)

LB: Lunch Break Day-1

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Monday, November 20 13:00 - 14:40 (Asia/Bahrain)

S2-A: Telecommunication and Networking

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - A
Chairs: Luisella Balbis, Aysha Ebrahim
13:00 Application Specific Chipless RFID Tag for Wireless Sensor Networks
Hafsa Anam, Umair Rafique, Syed Muzahir Abbas, Iain B. Collings and Subhas Mukhopadhyay
13:20 Improved Rectangle Restricted Searching Area Algorithm for Optimal Route Determination
Dalya Sheet, Nawar A. Sultan and Omar Sh. Ahmed Aboosh
13:40 Estimating Channel Quality Indicator in 5G NR V2X Using Deep Learning
Kazi Md. Abir Hassan and Kazi Md. Abrar Yeaser
14:00 Evaluation of cloud simulators for energy-related applications
Vincenzo Emanuele Martone, Michele Mastroianni and Francesco Palmieri
14:20 Detecting attacks on in-vehicle networks through a mobile app
Vita Santa Barletta, Paolo Buono, Danilo Caivano, Mirko De Vincentiis and Alessandro Pagano

S2-B: Information Technology

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - B
Chair: Fawzi Abdulaziz Albalooshi
13:00 Blockchain Technology-enabled Accounting and Auditing Practices: A Scoping Review
Mujtaba Momin, Omar Ali, Somar AL-Mohamad, Audil Khaki, Ali Murad Syed and Ammar Jreisat
13:20 Customer Churn Prediction Model Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN): A Case Study in Banking
Bestin Baby, Zainb Dawod and Saeed Sharif
13:40 An efficient fraud detection mechanism based on machine learning and blockchain technology
Shirin Sultana, Maharin Afroj and Md. Saifur Rahman
14:00 Designing and Simulating a Smart Water Harvesting System Using PLC Techniques
Hassaan Th. H. Thabet, Aqeel Al-Hilali, Haitham Bashar Qasim, Thabit H. Thabit and Firas M. Mahmood
14:20 Feedback for Excellence: Improving mGovernment Services Through User Insights
Abdulla Jaafar Desmal, MOHAMED Alsaeed, Suraya Hamid and Ali H Zolait

S2-C: Informatics -2

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - C
Chair: Fatema Albalooshi
13:00 Road Deterioration detection A Machine Learning-Based System for Automated Pavement Crack Identification and Analysis
Divya Ganeshan, Saeed Sharif and Alex Apeagyei
13:20 Halal Traceability Systems in the Supply Chain for the Cosmetics Industry: Literature Review and Research Agenda
Micky Prathama, Nur Aini Rakhmawati and Imam Baihaqi
13:40 Implementing a Chatbot Music Recommender System Based on User Emotion
Neenumol Mathew, Nitish Chooramun and Saeed Sharif
14:00 Analyzing Electronic Word-of-Mouth in Social Commerce: An Investigation through the Lens of Social Support Theory
Bui Thanh Khoa
14:20 Hybrid Firefly Algorithm for Optimizing the Garbage Transport Route
Amalia Utamima and Riki Indramawan

S2-D: Deep Learning-1

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - D
Chairs: Abdulla Alqaddoumi, M. Saeed Darweesh
13:00 A Transformer-Based Deep Learning Architecture for Accurate Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection and Classification
Adel ElZemity, Ahmed Abdelwahab, Ahmed Ameen, Mariam ElFdaly, Mohamed Ramadan, Rawan ElKhishen, Shorouk Alalem, Salma Zakzouk and M. Saeed Darweesh
13:20 Survival Rate Prediction in Glioblastoma Patients Using Machine Learning
Douae Kabelma, Chaimae Echacharef, Ichraq El Hachimy, Nabil Benamar and Nabil Hajji
13:40 Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Military Target Classification using Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
Shan Jacob, Wall Julie and Saeed Sharif
14:00 Reinforcement Learning in Supermarket Tycoon to Enhance Multitasking and Problem-Solving in Autistic Children
Joypriyanka M and Surendran R
14:20 Hybridized Rule-Based Recommendation System for Sustainable and Synthetic Fertilizers in Coffee Plantation
Raveena S and Surendran R

Tuesday, November 21

Tuesday, November 21 10:15 - 10:30 (Asia/Bahrain)

Opening - Day2

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Tuesday, November 21 10:30 - 12:10 (Asia/Bahrain)

S3-A: Internet of Things

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - A
Chair: Ali Hasan
10:30 LoRa on the Bus: Time and Location Monitoring System for Point-to-Point Buses
Gerald P. Arada, John Herald Bañez, Polo Gi Dimayuga, Dominic Andrei Limpengco and Lorenzo Miguel Pepino
10:50 Evaluating the Energy Consumption of ESP32 Microcontroller for Real-Time MQTT IoT-Based Monitoring System
Muhammad Arif Syahmi Md Dzahir and Kim Seng Chia
11:10 A Framework for Lung Cancer Detection at Early Stages with IoT and Decision Support System
Atiqul Islam Chowdhury, Sadia Jahan, Tasnim Mashrur Mahee, Md. Ibrahim Khan, Md. Tarek Habib and Ashraful Islam
11:30 Smart Attendance Marking System Based on BLE
Yousef A. Radwan, Omar Abu El Fetoh, Mohamed Sokar, Ibrahim Hefny, Kareem Moussa and M. Saeed Darweesh
11:50 Real-Time Customer Emotion Analysis in E-Commerce based on Social Media Data: Insights and Opportunities
Madhav Manohar Suresh, Nitish Chooramun and Saeed Sharif

S3-B: Deep Learning-2

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - B
Chair: Nabil Benamar
10:30 Deep Learning-Based Intelligent Model for Neonatal Cyanosis Identification Using SSGNN
Madhu sundar N and Surendran R
10:50 OPT-MobileNet: A Deep Learning Approach for Carcinogenic Classification of Human Skin mole
Rapti Chaudhuri, Shuvrajeet Das and Suman Deb
11:10 Enhancing Satellite Image Classification with Attention-based Vision Transformer
Nawel Slimeni, Imen Jdey and Mongi Khirallah
11:30 Feedforward Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network for Modeling the Forward Kinematics of a Robotic Manipulator
Rania Bouzid, Jyotindra Narayan and Hassène Gritli
11:50 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Intersection Navigation
Badr Ben Elallid, Hamza El Alaoui and Nabil Benamar

S3-C: Robotics, Computer Vision, and HCI

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - C
Chair: Hadeel Alobaidy
10:30 Scalable Machine Learning Model for Highway CCTV Feed Real-Time Car Accident and Damage Detection
Saeed Sharif, Abin Zorto, Victor Brown and Wael M El-Medany
10:50 Non-Invasive Ventilation Sensor Mask (NIVSM): Preliminary Design and Testing
Hanan Lebetiou, Samir Morad, Saeed Sharif and Paul Nichols
11:10 Towards Tactile Sensing of the Epidural Needle into the Spinal Column
Sri Sai Nikhith Vakulabharanam, Saeed Sharif, Samir Morad and Ahmed Ali
11:30 IHCNet: Advancing Multi-Stage HER2 Status Detection in Breast Cancer Using Interpretable Robust Transfer Learning Model from IHC Images
Md Sakib Hossain Shovon, M. Firoz Mridha and Jungpil Shin
11:50 Dual-WGAN Ensemble Model for Alzheimer's Dataset Augmentation with Minority Class Boosting
Mohammad Samar Ansari, Kulsum Ilyas and Asra Aslam

Tuesday, November 21 12:10 - 13:00 (Asia/Bahrain)

LB: Lunch Break Day-2

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Tuesday, November 21 13:00 - 13:30 (Asia/Bahrain)

KS-2: Keynote Speaker-2: Artificial Intelligence in Education: Study and Implementation

Prof. Abdulnasir Hossen
Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall

Tuesday, November 21 13:30 - 15:12 (Asia/Bahrain)

S4-A: Blockchain & Cyber Security-3

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - A
Chair: Alauddin Yousif Al-Omary
13:30 Enhancing Mobile Security: A Systematic Review of AI and Blockchain Integration Strategies for Effective Analysis
Samia El haddouti, Anass Betouil and Habiba Chaoui
13:47 Hybrid Recommendations System for Women Health Nutrition at Menstruation Cycle
Logapriya E and Surendran R
14:04 Ontological-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS): A Comparative Study
Dyaa Al-dein Tummazeh, Manar Harb, Yara Sholi, Ahmed Awad and Amjad W Hawash
14:21 Automated Forensic Analysis Following Memory Content
Ahmed Awad, Islam Karam Mashaqi, Mohammed Abdallah and Ihsan Shakhsheer
14:38 Data Privacy Measurement In Local Government Using Metric-Based Evaluation In Surabaya City Government
Dimas Faris Anubhawa Prijamboko and Nur Aini Rakhmawati
14:55 Towards a Blockchain-Based Agricultural Ecosystem: A systematic review
Mohammed Alsamman, Yousef Fazea and Fathey Mohammed

Tuesday, November 21 13:30 - 15:10 (Asia/Bahrain)

S4-B: Deep Learning-3

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - B
Chair: Ahmed Fahad
13:30 Improved Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning with VGG16 Approach for Image Classification
Habib Ullah, Md. Oli Ullah, Minhaz Kamal, Md. Sabbir Hasan Sohag and Md. Saifur Rahman
13:50 Precision Unleashed: Enhancing Vital Sign Predictions Using Long-Short-Term Memory Networks
Zohra Dakhia, Leyla Belaiche, Laid Kahloul and Belouaar Houcine
14:10 An Improved Unsupervised Convolutional Neural Networks for Detection of Steel Wire Defects
Ilhan Aydin, Emre Güçlü and Erhan Akin
14:30 CNN-based Cognitive Impairment Prediction using Handwriting Recognition and Analysis
Nisha Vanjari and Prasanna Jaichandrao Shete
14:50 Machine Learning-Based Prediction of Compressive Performance in Circular Concrete Columns Confined with FRP
Nilam Dhakal, Ali Abbas, Husham Ahmed and Saeed Sharif

S4-C: E-learning: challenges, transformation, and IT Solutions

Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual - C
Chairs: Jafla Al-Ammari, Taher Homeed
13:30 Simulation game for Visualisation and Forecasting based on Tableau Desktop
Teshavaani Soobraydoo and Bibi Zarine Cadersaib
13:50 Unlocking E-Learning Power: Employee Perspectives on Microlearning Effectiveness
Himani Choudhary and Deepika Pandita
14:10 Generating Automated Assistance Mechanism in Android Programming Self-learning System Using Automatic Testing Tools
Yan Watequlis Syaifudin, Andi Baso Kaswar, Nobuo Funabiki, Dewi Yanti Liliana, Triana Fatmawati and Indrazno Siradjuddin
14:30 Neoj4 and SARMIX Model for Optimizing Product Placement and Predicting the Shortest Shopping Path
Preethu Sudharma, Rasha Hafidh and Saeed Sharif
14:50 eMATH: A Gamified Approach to Arithmetic Lessons
Urbano B Patayon, Gleven Roy Abugan, Raymond F. Lisondra, John Paul E. Anito, Rona Jane T. Mira and Xyla Novea G. Jumawan

Tuesday, November 21 15:12 - 15:30 (Asia/Bahrain)

CS: Closing Session

Dr. Hessa Al-Junaid
Room: 3ICT 2023 - Virtual Main Hall